Effekte des Anionhalsbandes

  • fördert Wohlbefinden

Verschiedene Energien kombiniert im Armband “TERA”



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Properties and components of minerals

The minerals germanium and tourmaline are the essential components of the anion band “TERA”. Both minerals are involved in the generation and reflection of infrared waves and anions. The effect of the infrared waves in combination with the existing magnetic field promotes blood circulation, stimulates the nervous system and optimizes the cellular metabolism. Anions additionally reinforce the effects.

What are anions?

Anions are electrically negatively charged ions. They produce feel-good hormones in the human body, strengthen the immune system, promote healthy sleep, increase the ability to concentrate and neutralize positively charged ions (cations).
The anions are said to have all these effects, which is why they are also called “vitamins of the air”.
It has been medically proven that regular inhalation of negatively charged ions increases the utilization of oxygen in the organism and in the individual body cells.

Effect of magnetic waves

In Chinese medicine, magnetic fields have been used for centuries to restore general vitality and to treat ailments that heal poorly or only slowly. The famous ancient Greek doctor Hippocrates also described the use of magnetic stones. Likewise, magnetic fields were already used by the ancient Egyptians, as well as in ancient Rome, in many medical fields of application.

Effect of infrared waves

Infrared waves activate the metabolism and promote blood circulation in the tissue so that it relaxes. This achieves an improvement and restoration of the movement functions.

We would like to point out that the therapeutic effectiveness of anions, magnetic waves and infrared are considered scientifically controversial and are referred to as “alternative methods”.


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